Beginning Flyball

90 minute classes, 5 weeks, Cost $175

Flyball is a relay race in which two, 4-dog teams compete against each other: Dogs race, in Relay style, over a series of four hurdles, trigger and catch a ball, and return with the ball over the hurdles and across the finish line. This is a high-energy and very loud dog sport.

In this 5 week class you and your dog will learn:

  • the fundamentals of flyball
  • introduction to the equipment (jumps, flyball box, training props)
  • some really fun motivational games to build that relationship and strong bond between you and your canine athlete

This class is taught by Fighting For freedom Flyball Club members.


  • Dogs must be healthy and in good shape
  • able to easily jump a 6” jump base
  • Basic manners and experience with clicker training methods is helpful
  • All breeds, ball obsessed dogs, dogs with high drive, and any handler/canine team looking for entry into the drag racing of the dog sports world are welcome!