On-Going Classes

Beginning Agility

75 minute classes, 6 weeks, Cost $195

This class teaches the the dog and handler to run agility together including all agility equipment and a system of handling cues to direct the dog through the course. fetch sam! teaches a verbal handling system: Verbal Cues include Tunnel, Dig, and Hup. Agility training is advanced dog training and requires that handlers learn basic and advanced concepts of dog training. In this class you and your dog will learn:

  • Basic and advanced concepts of dog training
  • Proper performance of all equipment including jumps, tunnels, contacts and weaves
  • Standard handling cues
  • Speed and confidence on the course
  • Beginning obstacle independence

This class is ongoing in 6 week sessions, continuing until you are successfully completing Novice/Starters level courses (9-12 Months).