Puppy Focus Plus

Puppy Focus Plus

This 6-week course will emphasize teaching your pup the skills to focus on YOU amidst medium to high level distractions, such as those found in agility and other dog sports! Whether you wish to continue into agility, try other dog sports, or even just have a well-behaved dog that you can take virtually anywhere, this course is for you and your puppy!

 Course topics and behaviors taught include:

  • Appropriate play
  • Stays with distractions
  • Recall away from distractions
  • Recall past distractions
  • Go On
  • Left Turn/Right Turn

Puppy Focus Plus is a great way to continue your puppy’s education whether you’re planning on competitive sports, sports for fun, or if you simply want your dog to be better behaved around distractions!

 NOTE: Designed with the growing puppy in mind, no high impact exercises will be practiced in this class.

  •  This class is for puppies 18 weeks and older.
  • Completed a Beginning Puppy class or equivalent.
  • Previous completion of an Intermediate level puppy class is also recommended, but will be waived at the discretion of the instructor.