Renting fetch sam!

Rules for renting the fetch sam! training center

The fetch sam! training center may be rented for private practice. The following rules apply:
  • Only current fetch sam! students or other approved people may rent the training center
  • Request a User Name
  • All renters must schedule and pay for rental appointments through the online rental system
  • $40 for 60 minutes, $20 for 30 minutes
    • 2 people/dog teams are allowed
    • +$10 for 1 additional person/dog team
    • For groups larger than 3 teams, please contact us at for additional information
  • 1 person/dog team is allowed for no charge course builder rentals
  • Renters must bring their own training supplies including:
    • crates, chairs, toys, treats, water bowl
  • Items left at the training center will be placed in the lost and found box
  • Closing responsibilities
    • turn off all lights and fans
    • lock all doors
    • Replace key in lock box
  • Renters may not move any equipment
  • Please replace any additional equipment used
    • Wobble Boards
    • Targets
    • Cones
    • 2×2’s
  • Masks must be worn at all times by all people in the training center regardless of vaccination status
  • It is the renters responsibility to follow all fetch sam! COVID-19 sanitation guidelines