Beginning Scentwork

Beginning Scentwork

60 minute class; 6 weeks, Cost $210

Scent work is a new and popular game for handlers to play with their dogs.   This game allows the dog to use one of its strongest senses, the olfactory sense, to identify things hidden in the environment.   Sniffing has been shown to have a positive calming effect on canines.  At the same time, you and your dog will find another way to channel your dog’s energy into something positive that will likely make you stand in awe of your canine partner’s scenting abilities. 

In this 6-week class you will teach your dog about a specific odor “sweet birch” and how to tell you about that odor when they find it.  

As the human, you will learn about this fun game and many of the ways that you can play this game with your dog.  


  • Proof of current vaccinations
  • Dogs must be at least 6 months of age
  • Dogs must be able to be confined quietly while other dogs work—dogs may be covered in the crate inside the building or may be crated from the vehicle in the parking lot.

Supplies required for class: 

  • Your hungry dog, a flat buckle collar, a 6 foot leash, a lot of yummy treats
  • A supply kit (containing the items below) will be for sale for $40 on the first day of class OR you may purchase and make your own kit.  

Supply Kit contains:

20 Odored Q-tips in a glass jar:  This class will use the essential oil “Sweet Birch” aka Betula Lenta, 10 Containers (like the ones used in class):  9-cup plastic bowls and colander tops, metal electric boxes and mud rims, metal tin for hides, and Tupperware-like containers with holes drilled in the sides/lids, 1 package Putty for setting hides


This class is taught by Megan Hundley. Please contact her directly at to register and pay for this class.