Shade Whitesel

Shade Whitesel

April 27 and 28

Shade has created a custom seminar combining two of her top Fenzi Courses: Crutial Concepts and The Spaces in Between. This seminar provides trainers at all levels an opportunity to work on the skills needed for house manners (single or multi-dog households), traveling manners, and navigating the seminar and trial settings.

Day 1:

*Food marker cues and the mechanics necessary to train and use them
*Using multiple marker cues
*Ready To Work
*All about thresholds


Day 2:

*Planning your training sessions
*Getting the Dog to offer behavior
*Down Stay
*Moving together – How to get from here to there
*Bonus Topic – Adding a Cue? How to get your dog to listen


$300 working spot for 2 days – Limit 10 teams
$150 Audit Spot for 2 days – Unlimited
$75 Audit Spot one day

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