Shade Whitesel

Effective Toy Play and Marker Words

September 1st and 2nd

Shade brings a unique and insightful approach utilizing toy play in training, one that makes toy rewards true reinforcers to create reliable behaviors.

Day 1 – Enable your dog to make correct choices in training while avoiding conflict and frustration

  • Steps for proper chase and tug games
  • How to add obedience or agility skills to the game
  • Marker words beyond just Yes!
  • Use of location dependent marker words
  • Switching reinforcement (toys to food)
  • Working dog practice

Day 2 – Handler’s choice on toy work, obedience skills, problem solving


$300 working spot for 2 days – Limit 10 teams

$225 Audit Spot Saturday and Working spot Sunday

$150 Audit Spot for 2 days – Unlimited

$75 Audit Spot one day 

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