Pet Massage

Why Knot Massage Your Dog

Your agility dog happily jumps the jumps and runs through the tunnels. They run as fast as they can across the dog walk, through the weave poles and across the finish line. At the end of a fun agility day your canine athlete deserves some extra special attention.

If your dog loves to be touched…why not?
If your dog has anxiety and needs a relaxing massage…why not?
If your dog plays hard and needs a good rub down…why not?
If your dog competes and needs a recovery treatment…why not?
If your dog is limpy, gimpy, or old…why not?
Why just treat yourself to a massage, why not treat your dog to a massage. 

Dogs like humans benefit from massages. In this hands on class, you will learn a variety of massage, stretching, exercise, and stress reduction techniques for your dog. 

In this class you will learn the value of massaging and stretching your dog. You will learn a few massage strokes, common trouble spots, proper stretching techniques, and exercises to strengthen your dog. You will also gain knowledge on various stressors for dogs and treatment options.