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Meet Susanne (Sam)

fetch sam! is owned and operated by Susanne (Sam) Cohen. I have been a full time Agility trainer for more than 10 years and recently located to Tri-Cities WA. Before Agility, I was a full time Software trainer working for high tech start-ups in the Silicon Valley.

In 2005, while training my first dog to compete in the fast and exciting sport of Dog Agility, I made the conscious commitment to use only humane and positive training techniques. In 2008, I channeled my education development and training skills towards helping other people train their dogs using these same modern techniques.

My Goal

The goal of my training programs are to provide you, the dog sport enthusiast or pet dog owner, with the information and techniques necessary to train your dog to participate in all your favorite doggy activities and have fun while you are doing it. No matter if you want to just have fun with your dog or you want to compete at the highest levels available, my program will put you on the right track to meet your dog training goals.  My programs include training tips and helpful information about how to incorporate training into your everyday life, how to reinforce good behavior and bring out the best in your pet.

My Approach

I strive to use and teach only the most current, scientific, and animal and people friendly techniques available.

In 2009 I graduated from the Canine Behavior Academy at the Marin Humane Society. This certification training provided me with hands on experience with the most up-to-date training and behavior modification methodologies and philosophies available today. I received a Certificate in Canine Behavior Assessment and Counseling through this program.

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fetch sam! Will Offer Classes Only In Pasco, WA Starting October 2022

Online Classes Are Available For People Everywhere Beginning July 1 2022