Rental Policy

Rules For Renting The Fetch Sam! Training Center

The following rules and regulations are intended to make fetch sam! as safe, enjoyable and pleasant as possible for all users and participants.
  • Only current fetch sam! students or other approved people may rent the training center
  • Request a User Name
    All renters must schedule and pay for rental appointments through the online rental system
    • $25 for 60 minutes, $13 for 30 minutes
    • 2 people/dog teams are allowed
    • +$10 for 1 additional person/dog team
  • For groups larger than 3 teams, please contact us at for additional information
  • 1 person/dog team is allowed for no charge course builder rentals
  • Renters must bring their own training supplies including:
    • crates, chairs, toys, treats, water bowl
  • Items left at the training center will be placed in the lost and found box

Closing responsibilities

  • Please turn off all lights, fans and heaters before you leave
  • Renters may not move any equipment
  • Please replace any additional equipment used
    • Wobble Boards
    • Targets
    • Cones
    • 2×2’s
Renting fetch sam! for your own event?
  • Full day rentals are available
  • contact us at for details

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We Are Moving!

fetch sam! Will Offer Classes Only In Pasco, WA Starting October 2022

Online Classes Are Available For People Everywhere Beginning July 1 2022