I have never taken agility classes, where can I start?

Sport Dog Prep or Agility Try It’s. Check out the class descriptions for prerequisites.  

I registered and paid for a class and haven’t received an email confirmation.
You will receive a complete email confirmation a few days before your class begins.
I have a puppy and I want him to do agility.
Sport Puppy Prep is the first class. If you don’t see a class on the registration page, be patient. We update the class schedule often.
I have taken group classes before but outside of fetch sam!, does that count as a group class?
Yes. We encourage you to take your dog to training classes in a variety of places so that they can get used to working with you around many different types of distractions.
My dog is shy, not so confident, not sure or uncomfortable in new places, around dogs and/or around people, what class can we join?
You may join our Online Canine Mind Games and/or Circus School. 
Can I bring another person with me to class?
Yes, you may bring a guest with you to enjoy your class. If you have 2 people who would both like to handle the dog, you may alternate exercises in class and practice the alternate exercises at home during the week. 
Do I need to bring a Crate to class?
Yes, your dog needs a safe place where they clearly understand they can rest.
If your dog’s crate is too big and heavy you may bring a soft crate or an x pen.
If your dog is not crate trained here is a good place to start: https://get.crategames.com/?_ga=2.223146194.877711556.1617604460-2112698711.1617080490
What if I miss a class, is there any make up classes?
Please let your instructor know that you will be missing a class so they may give you extra homework. Unfortunately we do not currently offer make up classes.
Can I take a the same class several times?
Yes. We encourage you to move on at your dog’s pace, enjoying the journey.
How long does it take to train my dog to run agility? 
9-12 months of weekly classes and at least 15 minutes of practice everyday.
Do I have to join a new class every 6 weeks? 
No. Once you register for a Flatwork Foundations class, you will stay in the same class on the same day and time, with the same people and instructor for 9-12 months.
I have taken agility classes with my dog before, where do I start?
Send us an email and we can schedule an evaluation: info@fetchsam.com
Can I pay with a credit card the day of the class?
You can pay via PayPal: susanne@fetchsam.com or mail a check to PO Box 28329 San Jose CA 95159-8329
How big are the classes?
Up to 6 dogs.
Do I need to bring the vaccines record to class?
You can take a picture and send it to us via email: info@fetchsam.com
My female dog is in heat, can she still go to class?
Yes, she can come with pants on.

I have never been to the facility, can I go and check it out?
You are welcome to come and watch from the door respecting the class that is in progress or you can check out this video to give you an idea: 

What collar and leash is appropriate for agility class?
Flat collars/martingales are the preferred collar to wear during class. Harnesses are dangerous as they may get snagged on the equipment. Agility is an off leash dog sport, so collars become irrelevant as you progress through your training.
6 foot, light leashes are the preferred leash to use during class. We frequently drop our leashes and run with the dogs. Eventually you will train your dog in agility off leash. The lighter the leash, the easier it will be to remove it over time.
Flexi-leashes and poop bag holders attached to leashes may scare dogs as they run with the leash dragging behind them.
Pinch collars, shock collars and choke chains are not used at our facility.
Please check put our Facility Policies for cancelations and other rules and regulations: