Loose Leash Walking

Loose Leash Walking

60 minute classes, 3 weeks, Cost $120

“How can I get my dog to stop pulling when he’s on leash?” is a common question I get as a trainer. It’s the source of much frustration for many people and their dogs.  
This 3-week class will teach you and your dog how to walk together so that walks will be enjoyable (and safe) for both of you. We will start with foundational skills, then proceed to different techniques to help your dog understand what to do instead of pulling you down the street. In the final week we will introduce distractions.


  • Dog must be at least 6 months of age
  • Completion of a Beginning Obedience Class or equivalent
  • Your dog must be comfortable around other people and dogs when they are on-leash
  • Proof of current vaccinations
NOTE: This is NOT a class for dogs that are leash-reactive, as that is a separate issue from dogs that simply haven’t learned polite leash walking skills.