Sport Dog/Puppy Prep

Sport Dog/Puppy Prep

60 minute classes, 6 weeks, Cost $210

Sport Dog/Puppy Prep is a fun and positive class where the dog and owner will learn to work/play together as a team.

This class prepares you and your dog to train and enjoy the fabulous sport of Dog Agility. During this class, you will grow as a team, getting to know each other even better and connect at a deeper level.

We will train through games, making this journey a fun, enjoyable and engaging experience for you and your dog. You will give your dog a job, and funnel their   energy into achieving a positive common goal.

The games you play in class serve a purpose in your dog’s daily life.  You will train following behaviors: self control (impulse control), body awareness, boost your dog’s confidence and focus, recall, retrieve, resilience and building that ever       important off/on switch.

This class is the first class in the fetch sam! agility series and is a prerequisite for all Flatwork Foundations classes. Dogs and handlers are encouraged to attend this class more than once, as needed.


  • Puppies 12 weeks to 7 months may join a Sport Puppy Prep class
  • Dogs over 7 months may join a Sport Dog Prep class
  • Dogs/Puppies must be familiar with a crate or x-pen
  • Dog/Puppies must have a reliable Sit and Down, and be able to recognize their name 
  • Proof of current vaccinations
  • Not appropriate for aggressive, fearful or reactive dogs